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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Lexi's 6 Month Weight Loss Challenge!!!

Lexi of Curls, Coils, & Kinks is having a 6 month weight loss challenge.  Since I am determined to loss a few extra pounds and tone up, I decided it was a good idea to join in on the challenge.  I figured it would provide extra motivation for me to get up off the couch and exercise.

My Weight Background
Growing up, I was always the extra skinny girl...which I hated and I desperately wanted to gain weight. Once I felt I arrived to my goal weight, I found out I was pregnant with my 1st son and packed on an extra 40lbs in 2008. It took me almost a year to lose less than half those extra pounds only to find out I was pregnant with my second child and packed on another 20lbs. After giving birth to my second son I was left weighing 173lbs (this may not seem like a lot, but I'm only 5'3).

Over the past eight months I have managed to lose 23lbs leaving me at 150.1lbs.  To reach my ideal weight of 130lbs I need to lose another 20lbs. I hope to reach my goal weight my April. Then use May and June to finish toning up.

My stats
Height: 5'3
Current weight: 150.1 lbs
Waist: 30 1/3
Hips: 42 1/16
BMI: 26.6
Goal Weight: 130 lbs

My plan
I will continue to count my calories with myfitnesspal...very useful resource for health and fitness. My exercise routine will go as follows:

Mon & Wed
  •  Belly dancing or Aerobics -  45 minutes
  • Crunches - 3 reps of 15
  • Vertical leg crunch - 2 reps of 15
  • Bicycle - 3 reps of 10
Tues & Thursday
  •  Running - 30 minutes
  • One-legged squats - 2 reps of 15
  • Wall squats - 2 reps of 15
  • Ball crunch - 3 reps of 10
  • Jumping rope - 30 minutes (3 - 10min intervals)
  • Reverse crunch - 3 reps of 10
  • Lying leg pulls - 3 reps of 10  
* I will make sure to properly stretch before and after each workout.  Friday and Sunday are days of rest.

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