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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Protective Style Challenge Update

Immediately after posting my last entry, I began to put individual braids in my hair. I put a little evoo through out my hair mainly concentrating on my ends prior to braiding. I did not use any other products. It took me 3-4 hours to get these results:
I honestly was not very happy with the results because it doesn't look as full as I would have hoped. My husband said he liked it, but I just wasn't feeling it on me. We were on our way out shortly after I finished, so I really didn't have time to figure out how to fix it so I settled for this:
Yes, I spent all that time on these braids just to pull them back into a bun. I was highly upset with myself. 

Yesterday, I had a few errands to run, so I clipped my hair up like this:

I'm still not a happy camper. So today, I'm going to do conditioner-only wash (co wash) with Herbal Essences Touchably Smooth Conditioner. Then I'll roll my braids on my favorite styling tool...flexi rods. Hopefully a little curl will give me the illusion of fullness I desire. I spent too much time putting these braids in not to enjoy them.

I'll be back later tonight or tomorrow with the results.

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