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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Hair Typing: Andre Walker

Disclaimer: I am not promoting one hair typing system over the other. Nor am I alleging that one hair type is superior to another. It is my belief that all hair types are beautiful and can grow to great lengths with the proper care.

Hair Stylist to the stars, Andre Walker has classified hair into various hair types in his book "Andre Talks Hair". This system is the most commonly used to classify hair wave pattern.

Type 1a - Straight - Hair tends to be very Soft, shiny, difficult to hold a curl, hair also tends to be oily, and difficult to damage.

Type 1b - Straight - Hair has lots of volume & body.

Type 1c - Straight - Hair is normally bone straight and difficult to Curl. Asian women usually fall into this category.

Type 2a - Wavy - Hair has a definite "S" pattern. Normally can accomplish various styles.

Type 2b - Wavy - Hair tends to be frizzy, and a little resistant to styling.

Type 2c - Wavy - Hair is also resistant to styling and normally very frizzy; tends to have thicker waves.

Type 3a - Curly - Hair tends to have a combination texture. It can be thick & full with lots of body, with a definite "S" pattern. It aslo tends to be frizzy.

Type 3b - Curly - Also tends to have a combination texture, with a medium amount of curl.

Type 3c - Curly Kinky - Hair tends to be fine in texture and densely packed. Hair can be kinky or very tightly curled approximately the size of a pencil or straw.
Type 4a - Kinky -  Hair tends to be very Fragile, tightly coiled, and has a more defined curly pattern. When stretched out usually have an "S" shape.

Type 4b - Kinky - Also very fragile and tightly coiled; however with a less defined curly pattern -has more of a "Z" pattern shape.

According to the Andre Walker system I have a mixture of 3c and 4a hair. It is mainly 3c with a patch of 4a right at the crown. I take this to mean that when styling my hair I have to be extremely gentle with my crown because it has a tendency to be dryer than the rest of my hair. Thus I have to very diligent in keeping this area moisturized because it is prone to breakage.

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