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Monday, February 28, 2011

End of Month Check-in - Feb

I skipped my mid month weigh end because I really didn't feel motivated to continue on the weight loss journey. I honestly didn't notice the results of my hard work, so I just did not want to be disappointed. However, this past week I went to visit my biggest critic and biggest mom. She immediately told me that my weight loss was noticeable and I probably shouldn't loss too much more weight, but simply focus on toning. Hearing that from her gave me the push I needed to continue my journey to a healthier more fit me.

Anyway, enough procrastinating...on to the good stuff. When I stepped on the scale today, it said 142.3. I loss a little over 5 lbs this month. Smiley To most people, that may not seem like a lot, but I was thrilled beyond measure. I had to do a little dance. Smiley I'm in it, to win it.

Next Goal: Have a firmer, flatter stomach by my 26th birthday.  2 months 13 days to work on it.

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